Aceto Balsamico Prized, concentrated vinegar from Modena
Affettati Sliced cured meats
Aglio e Olio Garlic & oil
Agnolotti "Pinched" small pillow-like filled pasta
Agrodolce Sweet & sour
Agrumato Infused oil
Al Mattone Cooked under a brick
Amaro Bitter
Amatriciana, All' Guanciale, red onion, and thick tomato sauce. Spicy
Antipasti Before the meal
Antipasti Appetizers
Aperitivi Appetite aiding liqueurs
Arbequina Small brown spanish olive
Arista Loin of pork cooked on the bone with onion & fennel (Tuscany)
Baccala (Lupa made) Fresh salted codfish
Bavette Thin linguine
Braciola Stuffed, rolled, tied, and braised pork shoulder. Here,with garlic, parsley, mint, lemon, cheese
Contorni Side dishes
Bresaola Air cured top round beef
Bottarga Cured & dried mullet roe
Bucatini Thick hollow spaghetti
Cacciatora, Alla "Hunter's-style"; with tomatoes, onions & herbs
Campari Bitter aperitif
Cannellini Elongated white bean
Cappellacci Hat-shaped filled pasta
Carbonara, Alla "Coal miners style" guanciale, egg & black pepper
Carciofi Artichokes
Cacio e Pepe Traditional Roman pasta with pecorino and coarse black pepper
Cavalo Nero Tuscan black kale
Cavatelli Housemade short pasta
Ceci Garbanzo beans
Coda Alla Vaccinara "Butcher's-style" oxtail braised in white wine, tomato, celery, pine nuts & raisins
Coppa Spicy, cured pork shoulder
Crochetta Croquette
Dandelion Mild, bitter green
Diavola, Alla “Devil style” spicy and hot
Digestivi Liquers to aid digestion
DOP Protected Designation of Origin; a status denoting products which are traditionally & uniquely prepared, processed, & produced within a specific region
Escarole Mild, bitter lettuce
Farro Ancient Mediterranean grain
Formaggi Cheeses
Fregola Sardinian drum wheat pasta
Garganelli Quill-shaped pasta
Gnocchi Dumplings; in our case, without potato
Gremolata Chopped herb condiment typically made of allium, parsley & lemon zest
Goat Curd Coach Farm goat cheese
Lupa “She-wolf”
Insalata Salad
Guanciale Cured pig jowl
Lazio The region Rome is located in
Lingua Tongue
Mezze Half-sized
Misticanza Classic Roman salad: arugula, radish & fennel
Mostarda Italian condiment made of candied fruit & mustard
Mozzarella di Bufala Pasteurized buffalo milk cheese from Italy
Orata Type of sea bream with a fine white flesh from the Mediterranean sea
Osteria Tavern
Palermitana, Alla In the style of Palermo, Italy
Panzanella Tuscan tomato and bread salad
Pappardelle (Lupa made) Wide ribbon pasta
Pecorino Foja De Noce Pecorino cave aged in walnut leaves
Pecorino Romano Aged sheep’s milk cheese
Pepperoncino Fresh hot chili pepper
Pesce Fish
Piatto del Giorno Plate of the day
Piccolo Small
Pomodoro Tomato
Primi First course, often pasta
Primavera Spring
Purslane Local wild green in the succulent family
Puttanesca Sauce made with garlic, anchovies, capers & tomato
Ragu Sauce or hearty stew for pasta
Rapini Broccoli rabe
Ricotta Salata Aged and salted cows milk cheese that can be grated
Romana, Alla Roman-style
Sagne a Pezzi Wave-shaped pasta; literally means "short broken pieces of lasagna"
Saltimbocca Literally, “jumps into the mouth”. Veal, prosciutto & sage
Salumeria A place where cured meats are sold
Salumi General term for cured sausages
Scabece Poached in vinegar
Scapece Dressed with vinegar & chili flake
Scorzonera Salsify
Secondi Main course
Soppressata Cured pork sausage
Sorrel Leafy lemon flavored herb
Sott 'Olio Preserved in oil
Speck Smoked prosciutto
Sweetbreads Thymus or pancreas
Tartufo Truffle
Testa Pig head cheese
Treviso Type of radicchio
Trippa Tripe
Uve Grapes
Vin Cotto Boiled grape must