LUPA OSTERIA ROMANA is proud to be a Two Star Certified Green Restaurant™. To achieve this, we have implemented the following environmentally sustainable practices in accordance with the Green Restaurant Association's rigorous guidelines:

We do not use polystyrene foam (Styrofoam). Our full-scale recycling program includes the separation and processing of cardboard, glass, metal, plastic as well as a pre and post consumer waste composting program, and grease recycling.

As an environmentally friendly alternative to the waste associated with the manufacturing, transport and disposal of conventional bottled water, we installed a filtering and carbonizing water system and discontinued using bottled water. The system is a countertop machine that triple-carbon filters and UV sterilizes water, which we then serve in reusable carafes (which don't end up in a landfill).

We are using the latest in Warewashing technology, which utilizes non-caustic chemistry and 95% less packaging material (and, therefore, transportation) than bulkier liquid detergents. 60% of our cleaning products are either Green Seal Certified or meet the Green Restaurant Association's strict standards.

We installed Water-conserving faucet aerators on all of our kitchen hand sinks. These aerators use only a half-gallon to one-and-a-half gallons of water per minute and they maintain a uniform water flow and spray pattern. This simple step will reduce the water consumption of our sinks by more than half. We also have an Energy Star approved dish machine which uses less energy as well as less water.

60% of LUPA's lighting fixtures are high efficiency T8 and T5 Bulbs. The remaining 40% of the fixtures are Compact Fluorescent lamps. The low flow aerators and spray valves on our sinks also conserve energy (not just water) when it comes to hot water usage.

31% of LUPA's food purchases are vegan, and 20% vegetarian

We use 100% recycled Bath tissue. 50% post-consumer waste, chlorine free office paper. In addition, our parchment paper is chlorine and wax free, and soon we will be switching our 35% recycled menu paper to 100% recycled paper — printed with vegetable inks.