The New York Times - September 27, 2007
"If you're a restaurant lover and you've got a schedule flexible enough to get out for lunch, it's a meal very much worth using to visit restaurants precisely like LUPA: restaurants that require more advance planning than you might be capable of for a dinner reservation..."
Frank Bruni
Paper Magazine
"This Italian-loving team has created such an authentic tribute that should you find yourself in Rome, you still might think LUPA does it one better."
Julie Besonen
Gourmet Magazine
"There is really no occasion for which LUPA... is not an ideal choice—a farewell party for a colleague or an Amarone-soaked late lunch, a survey of obscure Italian produce, or a pasta dinner with your kid."
Esquire - May 2000
"LUPA—named for the she-wolf who nursed Romulus and Remus, the twin founders of Rome, wins with simple, brilliant Roman cooking."
John Mariani
New York Post
"It's the kind of food and wine you wake up thinking about in the morning..."
New York Magazine
"LUPA is the embodiment of a hip New York restaurant for people who love to eat."
New York Magazine - 2000
"Speak to us of bistro and we think: neighborhood, casual, rustic. We think LUPA, an homage to the Roman trattoria, with its friendly wait crew in butcher's coats, a surprisingly serious cellar, a pride of cheeses, softhearted prices, and better-than-homey bourgeois cooking."

New York Magazine
"When a pair of tyros like Babbo's Mario Batali and Joseph Bastianich team up with Jason Denton of ‘ino and chef Mark Ladner with visions of robust Roman cooking, I get hungry."
Gael Greene
The New York Times - November 1999
"The tables have stayed packed as word has gotten out about the intensely delicious Roman trattoria food, the breadth of the wine list and the warmth of the staff, dressed up in starched white jackets as if they were in a prosciutto lab."
Eric Asimov